• Jude "Lawless" Throckmorton
    An enigma since the day he was born in Johnson County, Texas, Jude began playing drums at the age six. Now a master of many instruments, he is concentrating on becoming the master of himself, choosing to learn the qualities of his voice and how to use it to express the insights of his perceptions.
    Matt Chapman
    Winning a guitar playing competition at Six Flags, at age 12, only confirmed what Matt already knew - he was a guitar player first, foremost and forever. Matt shares a characteristic with Jimi Hendrix - he is rarely seen without a guitar in his hands, no matter where he is. Quiet and thoughtful, Matt transforms on stage into a swirling note devil, sonically surfing over wave upon wave of raw powerful sound. Like Slash, he defies the predictability of category, and seeks to be completely responsive to the atmos of the moment - fast or fluid. his phrasing has an eloquence that is the voice of his soul. Matthew exclusively plays Buddy Blaze Custom Original Flying V Guitars.
    Zach Stewart
    Imagine if Paul McCartney had balls of titanium. Zach defies his pretty boy looks by locking onto the kick drum and igniting the bottom end that drives 3Eighty3. Originally a sax player, Zach became the bassic thunder of the band in 2014. He may look sweet, and he may always have the sunniest of attitudes, but with a bass in his hands he stirs broiling magma to the surface of the stage. Zach exclusively plays the Buddy Blaze Kinley Model Bass, and the "BassMan Jones" Custom Widowmaker Bass, with Kahler tremolo systems.
    Kirk Evans
    Kirk is our new drummer. He is on probation.